Stories for Moms by Moms

Dannella Lockett

My name is Dannella Lockett and I am a full time manager of my daughters Dani and Dannah. I recently took a step back from my career as a hair salon owner and stylist to fully focus on my daughters rising career. I have 4 beautiful daughters Dajuel (16) Dayla (15) Dani (7) and Dannah(6)




Lights, Camera, SCRIPTURE TIME!


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A typical day starts around 6am for me. I start off with worship, meditation and pray, I have to Call Jesus every morning! Then I wake the girls for their time to pray and breakfast. They are home-schooled so we begin school work promptly at 8am. I set meetings and arrange schedules. Then we have lunch which may include a meeting depending on upcoming events. Each one of the girls are active so we balance track meets, dance, voice lessons and auditions simultaneously! Tired yet? We then have Scripture Time - make uplifting videos for our viewers and subscribers, prepare for dinner which I usually cook, bath time and bedtime for the girls. I typically don’t go to bed until midnight or after because I’m working on behind the scenes stuff like websites, YouTube and other Social Media platforms. 

"Build your relationship with God, you’ll need it!"




Girl Power!


Having daughters are like having your favorite baby-doll! With four daughters, 2 of them being teenagers the type of attention required is different. So we all work together as a team to make sure everyone is content and tended to. The girls all understand that in order for our family to function we have to be on one accord. We all hold each other accountable when necessary but we aren’t to hard on each other. And when everyone wants momma attention they just all crawl in my bed lol. Then there’s the parenting part which you get to see your child develop and grow! I’ve learned how to become more patient and to accept that motherhood doesn’t mean perfection, but opportunity to learn! Sometimes I learn from my daughters, honestly, I learn a lot from them. 




Words of Advice: Trust God


Build your relationship with God, you’ll need it! Don’t beat yourself up trying to find “perfect” there’s no rule book on how to be a great mom because the truth is no one has ever parented your child before! Take one day at a time and if that’s to much one hour! Finally don’t compare your journey with anyone else’s! We are different and unique for a reason! Trust God’s process and stay in prayer! 




Why Do You Think "Moms Rule?"


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Because we DO! Who else can cook, clean, brush up a mean ponytail and assist with homework all at once? God made us to be resilient and brave! 


For more of this amazing mom, visit Danella's Instagram page @iamdanilane Want to see more of Dani and Dannah uplifting videos? Visit their Instagram @danianddannah and Youtube Channel @danianddannah !

Precious K. Williams

My name is Precious K. Williams: I am a lover, leader and joy influencer! I am also a counselor and speaker in Atlanta that utilizes a variety of platforms to share my message of how to live a Simply Passionate Life! I love engaging people and enlightening others in the everyday moments that they should be capitalizing on rather than complaining about! I grew up in as a daughter of two Ghanaian immigrants and a proud first generation Ghanaian American!





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I’m a mom of two beautiful angels 11 and 3-years-old. Tween and Toddler mayhem! When I met my hubby in 2011 he was a single dad with full custody of his 4-year-old daughter! I call her my bonus baby because she was an amazing gift that I never expected. So, although having two girls with such an age gap comes with its challenges, it truly is a sweet adventure most days.




Balancing the Brand



As a brand, one of the core philosophies of Simply Passionate Life is “every moment is a message, you just have to pay attention”. So yes, although I believe in balance, I feel that harmony is way more realistic and valuable. Balance occurs in those moments when the stars align and God just gives you that simple piece of rest. These are times when you're able to get everything done through prioritizing the various elements of your life. With that being said, although there are the rare days that you can enjoy work and play simultaneously it doesn't always work out that way. We need to know that balance and compromise work hand in hand; that’s where harmony comes into play. Life works with a sort of an ebb and flow. So for me, as a mom and a wife, I know that my priority is my children from 5 to 8pm (really 24-7 but stay with me) and that's okay! There's no balance between entrepreneurial endeavors and my kids at that time. Many days I have had to sacrifice sleep so that I can get my business done from 8pm to 11pm or midnight. Throw in being a wife; which entails periodically deciding to readjust my entrepreneurial business hours and push my work into later in the wee hours, in order to enjoy much needed alone time with my husband! So yes, balance is possible but it’s often accompanied by compromise and sacrifice.


"I’ve decided to live in the outtakes and embrace the bloopers in my life."



Life's Valuable Lessons



I have learned so much about God’s grace and his love for us! I am often reminded that our search for perfection is a complete waste of time! Through Simply Passionate Life, I emphasize that you must make sure you are taken care of holistically before being able to give your children your best. I believe by emphasizing a harmony between your faith, family and fitness you can ensure that you are your healthiest and in turn be the best woman for this integral role. I have soon realized that when I am whole, my kids are easily pleased and very content. They love my imperfect moments way more than the perfect agenda days! I’ve decided to live in the outtakes and embrace the bloopers in my life. As a mom and a counselor, I have an extra dose of “Mrs. fix it” syndrome! Well one thing I quickly learned when raising humans is you cannot control every element of their lives! When my youngest daughter was about 18 months old she had a febrile seizure due to a random spike in her temperature. It was TERRIFYING!!!! I couldn’t do the main thing I’d previously credited myself to, protect my baby! As scary as this moment was, it taught me one of my largest lessons to date! As much as I want to protect my children, ultimately I must entrust them into God’s hands each day and know that they are His daughters first.




Greatest "Momplishment!"


I love this question! Outside of the obvious accomplishments such as surviving nursing (breast-feeding) for 13 months lol, I’d have to say it was the first day my oldest child told her classmates I was “her mom.” I melted inside! We don’t use the term “step” in our family so she calls me "Amma." However, my greatest accomplishment is always when I encounter people that can’t tell we are not biologically related. When she entered my life, I inherited more than a daughter, I was gifted a workout buddy, goof troop, and and generously loyal young lady.




A Word For the Mothers



Hey momma heyyy! First of all, salute to you and all you do each day! My first piece of advice would be that you were God’s daughter before you became a mother. Raising children doesn’t define you as a person but can help grow you within your journey! Enjoy it and don’t be so engrossed in being perfect that you miss the opportunity to learn from the little humans you get to live life with. We are in a pursuit of passion and not perfection. I’d also advise moms to remember that it’s the simple moments that our kids remember the most so don’t despise them! One of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes reminds us that, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Momma, you are the first vessel to teach your child how to feel; that’s a big deal!




Why do you think “Moms Rule?”


Through my work as a counselor/speaker I tend to meet a lot of moms and they really are rock-stars!!!! Moms are selfless, creative, ingenious, energetic, focused, and tenacious beings! I love how a mom can use onion rings, three canned food items, and some rice to make a delicious casserole all while throwing off her high heels from work and watching their child practice their favorite dance move! That level of multi-tasking is unmatched by any other species! (lol)



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LaToya Latham

I’m LaToya Latham, to most, I’m Truth and I am what you call Superwoman (lol) I’m a Wife, Mompreneur, Caregiver & Call Center Agent. I have 2 children: Christen Devani-9 and George IV-3!




Momager | Polished Puckers



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Polished Puckers by Devani is natural lip care line that was started to help minimize & eliminate chapped lips. Christen Devani suffered from chapped lips and after tons of money wasted on store brought products that weren’t successful, we started using natural products around the house. God then presented me with the idea to start her this business. My role in the business is Momager lol...I handle ALL social media connections, inventory (with the Mini Boss’s help) & finances for sure!



Work Vs Family: How Do You Balance?



I actually struggle with balance with everything. When I am at work, I’m still working on my business as well. However, time away from home after being a stay-at-home mom/In home Caregiver for almost 2 years helps me as well. I've also learned that you can love someone so much more than yourself. Along with that, to not forget about yourself. Don’t neglect yourself. You’re still a great mother even when you put yourself first. 



Whats One Challenge You’ve Encountered as a Mom and Overcame?


One challenge I have encountered was Post-Partum Depression after my second child. Depression period....I will not say I’ve overcome it 100%, but I am most certainly in a much better space than before. 


Greatest Accomplishment as a Mom?


Being able to give my children the life they need. Raising them so they will not have to recover from their childhood when they become adults.


Why Do You Think "Moms Rule?"


Because we are half of the production and simply only the FEMALE Species can carry another in her womb....we are the ish!



For more on Latonya and her daughter's business, Polished Puckers, Click Here !

Ariel White

My name is Ariel White and I am a wife, a mom, and an entrepreneur with a passion to help other women and moms and an entrepreneur with a passion to help other women and moms start and grow their businesses. I started my cupcake business Sweet Blooms Cupcakes 4 years ago after leaving my job as a teacher and needed money to support the girls mentoring program I was running. Four years later it has developed and grown far beyond what I could ever ask or imagine. After having my daughter I was looking for support from other moms who were also running businesses but could not find it, so instead I decided to create Boss Mom Life a community for moms who needed help finding their purpose, creating a plan, and generating. I have 1.5 children. Layla is my oldest and she is 2 years old and my bun in the oven will be here in August!



A Day in the Life of Ariel



A typical day for me really varies on what project I’m working on. Running a cupcake business, managing Boss Mom Life, and having little ones has taught me to be extremely strategic and plan smart with the little time I have. I usually spend time upfront planning my priorities so that I am working smarter and not harder. Every day I generally give myself 10 minutes at the beginning of the day to list out the 3 things I have to get done that day so that I have a focus and clear direction. Because I’m a working stay at home mom I plan my working time in between my daughters down time and naps. So if she is eating breakfast and watching her morning cartoons, I’m reading and responding to my morning emails. But when it’s her time I just focus on her, trying to multi-task is a joke. Then during her nap time I get the bulk of my work done; writing curriculum working with clients, filling orders, creating marketing material, etc. However I have learned to give myself breaks when I need them, as much as I love working and setting goals, I’m in this season where I am learning self-care!




The 3 Lessons Learned




a. The 1st thing I learned is being a mom is just like everything in life, you are not going to be perfect at it and not to beat yourself up because you aren’t. If anything it makes you a normal human being. Our kids aren’t looking for perfection, they’re looking for love, support, and when we do make mistakes be an example of what it looks like to correct our mistakes.


b. The 2nd thing I’ve learned is to give myself “me time” like I mentioned before. I am no good to anyone if I am drained, overworked, and stressed out because I’m trying to be everything for everybody. I’ve tried that and no one wins when I do that.


c. The third thing I’ve learned is actually kinda funny, but watching t.v is not going to ruin my child. I would get so much advice from people about not letting my kids watch too much t.v. because technology is taking over our kids brains and ruining them (blah, blah, blah). I watched t.v. when i was a kid and I turned out good lol. Also, a little or a lot of Elmo never hurt anyone (other than mommy who is tired of that little squeaky voice).




Who Cares What People Say!


One challenge I’ve encountered and I’m overcoming is not caring what other people think. Growing up I was such a people pleaser and didn’t realize it was an issue until I was sacrificing what I wanted for others. When you become a mom EVERYBODY has an opinion on what you should be doing, how you should be doing it, and when you should be doing it. I had to acknowledge that although they have the best intentions, I am my own women and the only person I need to worry about pleasing is God!




Advice for Moms


Some advice I would share with other mothers is motherhood is not the place where your purpose or dreams go to die. I know being a mom in itself is a lot to juggle but before you had children, or got married, you were YOU. You desired to reach certain goals, open businesses, earn that degree, start that organization, whatever it was for you still pursue you passions with baby in hand. Be the example to your kids of what it looks like to live a life you love, and to follow your dreams.



Greatest Accomplishment


My greatest accomplishment is simply surviving, LOL! Being a mom is hard and I am just proud that I wake up every day willing to take on the challenge and excited to be the best mom I can be.



Why Do You Think "Moms Rule?"


Moms rule because they are one of the few people who can take the impossible and make it possible. They can take 3 ingredients and make a 4 course meal. They can turn a rainy day into an indoor fort play land for the kids, and no matter how bad things get a hug from your mom will heal any hurt. Moms are simply magic!



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Ryenne Shaw



My name is Ryenne Shaw and I am an attorney. I recently created my law firm, the Bosses’ Lawyer, to make high-quality, fundamental legal support accessible to emerging, established and evolving small business owners and entrepreneurs. I use my creativity, as well as my well-rounded training and experience to ensure that my clients are protected and their ventures are profitable.


The Driven Mom

I have one son. His name is Syncere and he is 1 ½ years old! The concept of balance is tough. I’ve always been extremely driven, but when I became a mother, I realized I had to find a new approach to my advancement. Honestly, I can’t say I’ve found balance, but I have certainly become more flexible, which I attribute to sustaining my success in business and family. Instead of focusing on balance, I focus on prioritization. My values determine my priorities, and other than God, I value family above all. Family is at the center of every decision I make and determines how I prioritize my goals. I assess my goals on a very frequent basis – weekly, daily, even hourly sometimes. I am building a brand and a business, along with a family, so there is consistently more and more to do. I create my priorities for the week and day based on my big picture goals. I create and tackle my to-do lists in order of priority, reminding myself often that I can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. There are some things that must be completed today; the rest will have to wait until tomorrow. That’s what tomorrows are for!



Bouncing Back

One of the biggest challenges I've faced as a mother is juggling my professional advancement with my ideals of motherhood. When I was preparing to return to work from maternity leave, I couldn't even handle the thought of leaving my newborn with strangers for most of the day. During the first year after giving birth, I struggled with incessant fatigue due to the demands of my career coupled with sleep deprivation. I constantly felt like I was drowning, with no life-jacket in sight. My number one priority was, and has always been being the best mother I can be. For me, this means being available – to play, kiss and hug, read books, bake cupcakes – whatever he needs in the moment. The thought of missing out on his future football and baseball games, performances, and other priceless moments started to cause anxiety for me. My mother had never shown up for me during my childhood. There is nothing more important to me than showing up for Syncere. I considered myself his first teacher, and teaching him to be my primary job, but I knew I didn't have enough time (or energy) in a day to work a job for the benefit of someone else, and then turn around and work the job that is most important to me with whatever I had left. I had to do something different. Although I had always aspired to become a full-time entrepreneur, my desire to be available for my son gave me the courage to make it happen. Shortly after Syncere’s first birthday, which was in November 2017, I created my law firm, the Bosses’ Lawyer, which launches July 2018. I took control of my career, my life and my family back.



My greatest accomplishment as a mom thus far is raising a happy, healthy, sweet, strong-willed, brilliant, and beautiful little Black king and creating avenues of generational wealth and legacy for his benefit. I started from the bottom, so he won’t have to (yes I know it’s grammatically incorrect, but I don’t care lol).



Pain Is a Gift


Your purpose is attached to your pain, so be grateful at all times for all things. Everything you need has already been provided to you. Embrace the process because that is where your gifts are revealed to you. The process we hate so much is where our future and destiny unfold, so get into it



Why Do You Think "Moms Rules?"


Moms rule because the entire world exists only because we do. Take that, take that! *hits the Diddy shimmy*



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T'era Burton


Hi there! My name is T’era, founder of concealer and a prayer life, my profession during the day and by night lol I’m a loan processor. Anytime during the day, when I can squeeze the time in , I’m an artist, and blogger! 
I have 3! Joel 4, David 2 and Anna Sophia is 10 months .



 T'era's Typical Day



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A typical day for me usually starts at about 6am, up getting ready for work, getting the kids ready, drop off at daycare, then I’m on the train to work to start my day job, when I’m not processing loans I’m usually writing or thinking up content ideas for my mommy talks or blog topics. By 6 I’m home lol! I like to say I clock in again because my kids are usually waiting/ready to tell me about their day. I get dinner ready, squeeze in some time with my hubby, get the kids ready for bed and depending on what day of the week it is, we usually throw something else into our routine ... ( rehearsals, to my Live chats lol ) and I try to get in some time to paint or just relax when their sleeping


" Pray! Pray! And pray! Do what works best for you and your family, allow motherhood to be a journey... "



The Mommy Community


I’ve learned so much and I continue to learn daily. I’ve learned to extend grace to my children, my spouse, but most of all to myself. I’ve learned that it’s better to do motherhood with friends, isolation can be your demise, sometimes you just need to call one of your mommy friends and vent about your kid not staying in bed or the deeper things like postpartum depression. Having a community is a blessing! I’ve also learned more about myself in this journey, most of all not to compare myself to other moms.





Pray! Pray! And pray! Do what works best for you and your family, allow motherhood to be a

journey you take to learn more about who you are, motherhood is not the place we go to lose ourselves. Focus on your inner healing and wholeness, a lot of us parent from a place of fear and pain, because we were parented from that place, so we continue the cycle, but if we focus on becoming whole, we will raise healed + whole children! I believe that’s one area where it’s okay to think about yourself! Choose everyday to find the joy in it all, be present! Silence the guilt! You’re an amazing mother! And always try to remember a bad day does not make you a bad mother.  Have your moments but don’t stay there! Ask for help!




Greatest Mom Accomplishment


One of my greatest accomplishments has been, starting my blog, building my brand, and publishing my prayer journal. Sometimes as a creative, I get so many ideas and most were stopped by fear, but to actually start out and see your thoughts manifest into something tangible has been a blessing! I love the thought of knowing I’m building something for my tiny people to look back on and say Mommy didn’t give up, she did it, I can too!




Why Do You Think “ Moms Rule?”


I think Moms rule because we are given such an incredible task of nurturing the next world changer. I don’t take my title lightly, although I’m “mommy” now I understand the weight of it, we are amazing, our bodies, the way our minds work, the very nature of a woman, the heart of mothers who will do anything for their family, we are brave, bold, ambitious, raising babies and businesses, strong and delicate at the same time, Moms truly do rule!



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Karen Clay-Fenderson

My name is Karen Clay-Fenderson. I am a retired educator that has ventured into the life of lifestyle blogging. I have a Bachelors in Communications and three Master degrees in Education Leadership, Instruction & Curriculum, and Special Education. I am the author of Living Fearless in 23 Days and currently working on 2 books that will be available in Summer of 2018. 


Raising Greatness X3


My lifestyle blog,, is about the adventures of motherhood raising greatness x 3. I am a mother of 3, Brookelynn (15) Bailey Rae (7) Brayden (11) and have been married for almost 17 years. I have children in different phases of childhood. A day with Karen raising 3 children begins with driving the children to 3 different schools! Each child has their acting team: agent, addition to their own sports interest. A day can be volleyball for Brookelynn, baseball  and golf for Brayden and Bailey Rae cooking class, gymnastics, dance and golf. All the children have auditions and that requires for me to be very organized and know who has an audition, game, practice, drum practice, guitar practice , violin class, etc. I am so grateful for my hubby! We split up the " dad/mom uber" duties for our children to take them place to place. It has its challenges trying to meet the needs of each child individually. However, my husband and I do our best to overcome those challenges head-on in order to raise our children to their Godly greatness.





Living in the Moment



I have learned to enjoy the now. It's okay if you have a few dishes in the sink and the laundry will

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still be there whenever I get to it. I learned to put the phone away and be present with my children! I wrote a blog post about the impact of technology on the family ( My 7 year old Asked Me for a Cell Phone ). Laugh often and enjoy the noise, messy car, etc... live in the moment, spend quality time with your children and with the hubby. I have learned to simply enjoy this moment in time with my family. 

" I think my children are confident and love God"



Happy Mom, Happy Life

Honestly, I believe the day I decided that Mom Life is the best but taking care of myself is

important too, made me happier, along with the rest of my family. Moms must choose to eat healthy, drink water, make time for themselves. Pray, meditate, read a good book and enjoy silence. Moms love on yourself, everyday! Its important to make ourselves a priority as well. I enjoy working with moms as Life Coach. I teach both mothers and parents the best methods to raising their child into greatness. 


Greatest Accomplishment

My greatest accomplishment, thus far, is to encourage my children to set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. I am proud to see them goal digging and stretching themselves to reach them. I am proud that my children listen to me and I inspire them to love God and thyself. I think my children are confident and love God!


Why Do You Think "Moms Rule?"


I believe Moms Rule because they have to manage their lives along with lives of their young blessings. Our children are blessing to us and the world. Moms want their children to rise to their full potential.  


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Brianna Alford


My name is Brianna Alford & I'm a recent graduate of Benedictine University, which I received my Master's degree in Accountancy. I've been in my career for four years. I'm an Accountant at Performance Health. In 2017, I launched my business, B.L.N.A. Financial Services, that focuses on helping others budget, create a financial plan for their short- and long-term goals, and bookkeeping/accountant for small business owners.


Mommy Duties


I have one kid, Jayla Alford! She's 6 years old & will be 7 in June. My days are very busy! Early mornings and late nights. In the morning, I make sure Jayla & I are ready for school and work. After school and work, I cook, make sure homework is completed, and participate in extra activities, such as gymnastics (on Thursdays) or if I have praise team rehearsal on Wednesday (I sing a little lol). I can't forget washing on Tuesdays and cleaning throughout the week. My days aren't so typical lol! It varies from day to day. Keeping on top of my career & business can be a little challenging but I'm a Mom that Rules!




It's in God's Hands



The number one thing I've learned throughout my journey of motherhood is the power of having patience! Kids are a blessing but some of them know how to press those buttons you didn't know you had, like my little princess lol. I've learned that in every decision you make, you HAVE to include your child. I've learned that putting all of your worries and problems in God's hands, will leave you in peace!




To the Mothers



To all of my single mothers, trust in God in all of your ways and he will direct your path! Lean

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only to him for understanding! Never bash your child's father to your child! Spending quality time with your child is a must! They will seek attention elsewhere if they feel like they're not getting attention at home! Speak positivity to your child, even if they're getting on your nerves or out of control. My greatest accomplishment as a mom is being able to PROVIDE for my child 100%! I made a decision in my life that I will be successful no matter what obstacles I was going to face!



Why do you think “ Moms Rule?”

Moms Rule for several reasons:

We make a way when it doesn't seem like there's  a way

We play a huge part in shaping the kind of adults our children become

We're always one step ahead of our kids

We're experts at teaching them responsibilities and consequences


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Ericka Polanco-Webb


My name is Ericka Polanco Webb and I am a full time stay at home mother who has been dipping into the Mom blogging culture here and there and take on Digital media consulting projects on the side. 



The Starting Line Up



My husband and I have a blended family of 4 children with one arriving in April! Here’s our

starting line up:


Jay (14). (If you follow me on social media you will know that he has cerebral palsy and is completely non-verbal and wheelchair bound.) Jaylah (14) | Jesa (11) We call her Lilly | Jisele (20 mths) | Jenesis (Coming soon)! 



Not So Typical Day


Simple question but overloaded because no two days are the same. I will use today as an example. I woke up around 6:45 to my 11 year old complaining about her shoulder hurting. I assured he she just needs to stretch. Typically I get out of bed between 7:00-7:15 (I am not a morning person). I grab Jisele and head downstairs to prepare her a quick breakfast and help my husband with the finishing touches on getting our son off to school (his bus arrives at 7:30 promptly). It’s during this time my neighbors two children arrive who I keep until their bus arrives. One bus arrives at 8 and the other at 9. Thereafter, it depends. Today, we head to University of Chicago for a doctors appointment for our son (approx a 40 min drive in traffic). Our appointment typically ends within two hours of our arrival. We then drop my husband off at work (in the loop) and head back to Willowbrook. I bring both kids home and First order of business is to get Jay situated watching a movie or channel he will enjoy and begin his tube feeding (he is fed by g-tube). Once he’s hooked up, it’s time for lunch/nap for Jissy and I.

Once an hour has passed my sons feeding pump beeps because it’s complete and I have to flush him. By this time my middle daughter should be arriving soon so I prepare a snack/lunchish meal for her and Jissy. During this down time I begin to get dinner brewing so that it’s complete At 5pm. Once dinner is complete it’s time to start another feeding for my son. At the conclusion of that, it’s time to pick up my oldest daughter from school because she has dance practice until 6. Now, we eat, debrief and by this time I’m no good, I’m tired, delirious and asking my husband when will he arrive. Lol!! Evening hours is a free for all I typically try to do things I can’t do when I’m alone. Bathe, laundry, pick up random mess, etc. That’s a day. 



Lessons Learned


Gosh, so much! Patience, savoring the moments, not being too hard on myself over the small

stuff, communication and the importance of how it can enhance the relationship. Oh..organization! I have a chalkboard wall dedicated to schedules! 


Savor the Moment


Savor the moment and don’t compare yourself to other moms. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and find a system that works for your household. Remember that motherhood is broken into seasons where you parent, but it evolves and the evolution of your children growing is beautiful so don’t feel sad about it.


Why do you think “ Moms Rule?”



Moms rule because we are the epitome of what water is to a well. Giving is something we do so fluidly. Our hearts have the incredible ability to continue to pump out more and more while replenishing itself. We have a love that allow our children to come back for more because they know where they will be nurtured and they know the pureness of our heart is always available! 


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Dr. Kiarra King

My name is Dr. Kiarra King. I am a board certified OB/gyn physician in the Chicago-land area, Harvey to be exact. I've been a doctor since graduating from medical school in 2007. I've been practicing as an OB/gyn, for 6 1/2 years, since completing residency in 2011. As an OB/gyn I care for women throughout their lives, providing preventative gynecological care, caring for women and their growing belly bumps and diagnosing more complex medical issues!


Dr. Mom


I have 2 1/2 year old daughter named Kai!  I went back to work when my daughter was about 22 months, after an extended maternity leave of sorts and now work part time. On days that I work, it's pretty straightforward; we get ready in the morning and I bring her to my mom or sister until I'm off work. At work, as an OB/gyne, I see patients for routine visits, chart, follow up on lab results and perform surgeries. On my off days, things are less structured. I usually spend the day with Kai. Some days we may stay in our PJs! We read, work puzzles, watch Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol 8 zillion times and more. Other days we go to our local library to read or we meet with family or friends. Then there are times when the days are filled with running errands. I have a passion for fashion and started a blog in January 2016; so, I also update blog content and manage my social media on days off. I'm blessed to have the best of both worlds working part time. It allows for a good work life balance! 


Lessons Learned


Everything!! Seriously, I've learned SO much. You never really know what it's going to be like until you hold your precious little one in your arms. Once your baby is here sometimes it feels like you are flying by the seat of your pants! I learned to breastfeed. I learned to bath a newborn. I learned specific cries. I learned not to take all advice, although sometimes well intentioned. I learned or experienced what it means to sacrifice; which makes me appreciate my parents all the more. I've learned sometimes saying yes, especially to a strong willed toddler, is the best route; pick your "battles" wisely. Last week my 2 yr old put on a strawberry tank top, 2 sizes to small over her outfit and you know what? I let her wear it!! She was heading to grandma's for the day and instead of "fighting" with a toddler I just let it be; a win win for all! Motherhood is an evolution. You learn as you grow! 

Doctor Approved Advice


Take tons of pictures! Don't beat yourself up! Ever-It's ok to ask for help. Make time for yourself-Be yourself. Motherhood doesn't have to change the essence of you! If you were fashionable before, then you can be a fabulous momma. Start a tradition unique to your child(ren) that they can pass on from generation to generation. 


Why do you think “ Moms Rule?”


Mom's Rule because no matter what the situation looks like, we ALWAYS get it done! We are supreme multitasking go-getters that look adversity straight in the eye and conquer! 


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Margaret Williamson

Hello, my name is Margaret Williamson and I am the owner of PRSVR (pronounced persevere). It is an American Legacy Brand specializing in Outerwear, Footwear, and Travel-wear for those who live and work in the city. Together with my husband, Brandon Williamson, we launched the brand from Chicago in 2012, and have now had more than 5 retail locations in 3 cities, countless celebrity clients, and grossed over $1 Million Dollars. All that while learning how to be married, and how to be a Mother! Itʼs been quite the roller coaster ride!


Me+You and You and You



Brandon and I have two sons; Brandon the Second (aka B2) just turned 4, and Brave is 17 months old. B2 just started going to preschool, but before that it was all four of us ALL THE TIME! Lol. Coming from the corporate world, and not getting married until I was 30, I got very used to structure and doing things MY WAY. Now, each day is different as our business happens anytime anywhere. With retail and eCommerce, business hours are truly 24/7. It provides a life full of excitement and adventure, balanced with a healthy dose of stress and uncertainty. The entrepreneur lifestyle is definitely not for the faint of heart lol. It is truly a roller-coaster of emotion each day. It can be especially hard as a Mother because you went into business so that you could spend more time with your kids, but now Iʼm having to explain to their precious faces that “Mommy is working right now” even though they think should be playtime since Iʼm at home with them, or theyʼre at the store with me. We really have to schedule “family fun days” so we sweep the boys up in our frantic work schedule. Itʼs easy to confuse being around each other with spending time with each other.


Patience Makes Perfect


I've definitely learned patience and the importance of clear directions throughout my journey through motherhood, as well as, in my marriage. We really try to empower our kids to be as self reliant as is safe. So, I find myself giving a lot of instructions and explaining the whyʼs and howʼs of things. One day my Mother in Law suggested that I communicate with my husband like. I do our 4 year old son. At first I was sort of shocked. “Why would I want to have to treat my husband like a child? I need him to be the other adult!!” Then it occurred to me that she was referencing my ability to communicate my wishes with clarity, to be patient until he figured it out, and my easy forgiveness if he made a mistake. I stopped and imagined what our marriage would feel like if that were the case. In my vision, we werenʼt learning to write, or baking cookies, or cleaning up, however, we were creating budgets, discussing disciplinary methods, and having sex. It was an image that could change a lot. Itʼs definitely a work in progress, because “Man, Iʼm tired” lol, but it did make me think about taking some of my Supermom tricks and using them to become a Super Wife.



Do You Mom, Do You!


Do something that excites you. It doesnʼt have to become a huge career or additional full time job, but pick something. If youʼve always wanted to be a____________, go give it a try (donʼt quit your day job just yet though). Sell Lip Gloss, become the School Mom, release a design, teach a class, take a class, start the blog..whatever it is, try it! It will add some excitement, and give you something thatʼs for you (and still for them).


Why do you think “Momʼs Rule”?


Momʼs Rule because we can be the teacher, the nurse, the coach, the counselor, the drill sergeant, and the cheerleader AT THE SAME TIME!

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Jenny LeFlore

Mama Fresh


I am Jenny LeFlore, the Founder and Mama behind Mama Fresh.  I am a daughter of Chicago. I was born, nurtured, met my husband and now raising my son here. I have a 1yr old son, ObieQ. He is curious, loves music and right now his favorite instrument is the kazoo!I have created a lifestyle bra nd that ignites a diverse community were Mamas are celebrated. I empower Mamas to pack up their little one and explore the city. As a blogger and influencer I do all the legwork to bring important information to my busy Fresh Mamas.



Mom Duties



My days are action packed from the moment I wake up and I wouldn’t have it any other way:



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I start my day off with breastfeeding my son. We are going strong at 13 months. Nursing him starts my day in a very mindful place, I cherish this bonding time. After we wrap up, I answer emails while my husband gets ready for work and hangs with ObieQ. We all sing the “Good Morning Song” and then he is out the door. I pour myself some coffee and get ready for the whirlwind of breakfast and our morning activity. This often includes walks along the lake, story-time at our favorite bookstore or a play-date.  



I put my son down for a nap at 1p. During his naptime I check in on emails, make calls and throw in a load of laundry. This is when I handle the bulk of Mama Fresh business. When ObieQ wakes up I am back in Mama mode. I often have meetings during the afternoon and ObieQ tags along and does just fine.



When my husband comes home from work we feed ObieQ and if you have a toddler, you know this is not an easy or short task. We all hang as a family, listening to music and catching up on our day. After bath, pjs and prayers ObieQ heads to bed. I pour myself a glass of wine and spend quality time with my husband, catching up on our fav TV shows. Once my husband goes to sleep I spend a couple hours working on Mama Fresh. Like so many other Mamas out there who are working on their dreams, I am building a brand during nap-times and late at night!





I am stronger than I ever thought!!! Pregnancy taught me that my body was capable of strength beyond my wildest dreams. I am reminded of this everyday. Another Mama once told me, “You are enough”. She was telling me that I have everything my baby needs. That the woman who I am is perfectly equipped to be a dope Mama. When I am being hard on myself or comparing myself to other Mamas, who seem to have it together, I say aloud  “I am enough”. Then I go and handle business!!



Words of Encouragement


I usually don’t give advice to other Mamas unless they ask. Being there as a listening ear is often what we need. I love just to sit and let a Mama tell me her story. If I had to give advice I would offer 2 points:


    There are many different paths on this Motherhood journey. Find your own! We are redefining what people think a Mama “should” look like or what we “should” do. I take my son to museums and outdoor rap concerts this is MY style of motherhood. If you were a woman who enjoyed travelling before became a Mama, I say get that baby a passport and hit the road!


    Find a tribe. Build a community. I rely heavily on other Mamas. Whether it’s a Facebook group, a support group at the hospital you delivered, Mamas you meet at the daycare/school. I strongly believe in the power of Mamas helping Mamas.




Why do you think “ Moms Rule?”


I think Moms Rule because there is no love like a Mother’s Love. When I became a Mama my heart grew exponentially. The love we give to our children, spouses, friends, it never ends and refills daily. In this climate we are in right now, more love is what we need.

Nisha Hopkens

Meet Nisha

My name is Nisha. I am personal development and empowerment life coach for single mothers with over 5 years of coaching and mentor experience. I am the CEO of Pretty in Power Coaching Agency where we specialize in helping single mothers create multiple income streams, experience travel and create an action plan that will allow them to balance their careers while being a present parent. I have one daughter. She is 6 years old. Her name is Leah.



Work It Mom!


A typical day for me is as follows:

5am: Wake up, pray, meditate, do client work, and check emails

7:30am: I get Leah up and ready for school, we have girl talk over breakfast then shes off to school.

9am: I work from home as a dispatch aide for roadside assistance. Once I'm done I begin cleaning and preparing for our evenings.

4pm: We are off to ballet rehearsals then right back home for dinner

7pm: This is homework time, and also reading time for Leah and I. Then its off to bed for her while I focus on the back end of my business, creating and updating services, creating new products and also getting some writing done.


Lessons Learned


I've learned so much during this journey of motherhood. In fact motherhood has molded me into the woman I am today. As a mother I've learned that no matter what, your child is always watching and mocking your behaviors which is why you should always lead by example. I've also learned that there is something new to learn with motherhood almost daily. As hard as it can get and as frustrating it can be, you can ever give up. Your child(ren) are always depending on you.

Motherly Advise


My advise for mothers is to surround yourself with like minded people, people that will uplift and support you. People that will leave a positive impact on your life and also the lives of your children. Also to ALWAYS; at least weekly if possible take time out to care for yourself. We give so much of ourselves that once were done we have nothing left. So self care is the best thing you can do for yourself.




Why Do You Think "Moms Rules?"


"Moms Rule" is a fact. This is absolutely a true statement. As mothers we hold so many titles; chefs, homework helpers, housekeepers, doctors, maids and whatever else our children require us to be. We do so much in one day without ever complaining. We may get tired but for our children we'll do it 5 million times in a row and this is why Moms Rule.


Mommy Mogul*Coach*International Speaker

CEO of Pretty in Power Coaching Agency 

IG: prettyinpower_


Kim Scott

Hey fellow Rock-Moms! My name is Kim Scott, I am a full-time mompreneur, and over-time single mommy of 5 amazing kids. I've been a full-time entrepreneur now for 5 years and a mommy for 18 years! Wow does time fly. I am in the direct sales industry, which means I'm one of those annoying people who posts product down your timeline each day LOL just kidding. But seriously, I have been able to grow a 6-figure income through social media, from home where I simply just share my lifestyle as a work from home mom, my passion for good health & fitness, and my love for helping others do the same thing. I'm a woman who believes that with the right mindset and a yes from God, the only thing that could stop you is YOU.


I Got 5 On It!


I have five children that seriously make my entire world go around. They truly keep me going and dreaming bigger because I know they are watching and learning from me. I don't know what I would do without them. Kenya, 18, is the oldest of my tribe. She's a bright, bubbly & ambitious college student who is a Sports Medicine major at an HBCU. Imani, 14, is my , second oldest. She is our house mom. She is nurturing, thoughtful & always thinking ahead. She is in high school and also in ROTC. She wants to be a pediatrician. Jasmine, 13, is my middle baby. She is our songbird. Her voice is amazing. She shuts down every school concert and talent show. If she doesn't make it in Hollywood, she wants to be a master chef. Zion, my only son, is 11. He's an artist, such a gentleman and servant. He's so mild mannered in a house full of loud mouth, women lol I love listening to him talk about being an amazing husband and father to 2 kids ONLY (his words, not mine) one day. Kennedy, 8 years old, the baby of our pack. She is extremely driven and competitive. She makes her presence known in every single setting. She's a straight A student and over achiever. That's my clan.


Typical Day


A typical weekday for me is packed from before the sun rises until after it sets. If I'm not working my business & juggling business relationships, I'm taking care of home and my children. Each day starts at about 5 am for prayer and meditation. I have come to learn that I'm not my best self to anyone until I've first had my time alone with my Creator. After prayer time, I spend some quiet time creating content for my business, posting to my team page and responding to messages. Around 6:15am, I wake the house up, get everyone out the door and dropped off to school. We sing and dance and laugh and snapchat like every morning. By 9am, I'm at the gym for just 40 minutes and then I head home to shower and start my work day. I run my business from 10am - 1:30pm, take a break to begin my pick ups for my children. They go to 3 different schools. Around 4pm, I have them situated and have caught up with them about their day and I pick back up with working my business from home from 4-6. 6-7pm we eat dinner and get prepared for the following day. 7-8:30pm I work my business some more. 8:30-9, I'm double checking homework is done properly and getting the house quiet. By 10pm, I usually have a webinar to do several nights a week. On those nights, my business wraps up at 11pm. I block off about 30 minutes each night before bed to connect again with God through reading my Qu'ran. Weekends we freestyle and play it by ear or by my calendar if I have obligations.


On Motherhood


I have learned that motherhood is truly a journey, an imperfect one. I was a teen mom. I found out that I would be a mom at 15, the beginning of my 10th grade year in high school. Talk about SCARY! By the time I was 25, I was expecting Kennedy, my 5th child. My children have seen me struggle and they've seen me strive. We are so close. I have learned that as mothers all we can do is OUR best, but, with love, as a family you can survive about anything. So don't beat yourself up over past mistakes. Instead, focus on building an amazing future with and for your children. I've also learned patience because of motherhood. I extend the same patience with my children that God extends to me daily. I have also learned that the best thing you can say to your children is I love you and I understand, and that SHOWING is always a better teacher than SAYING. It's no question that my children do well, not because I told them to, but because I showed them that I was focused on doing well in life. My goal is to be one of their biggest inspirations.


Advice for Other Moms


A few things that have changed the game for me is:

Ask for help and learn to delegate some tasks. If you can afford to, pay someone else to do the things that are important, but don't have to be done by you and won't cost you a relationship if you don't personally do it. Example...LAUNDRY! LOL hate it.

Learn to say no and not feel sorry for it. You can do anything, but you cannot do everything.

Live by your calendar and create a schedule that works for you and your family.

Be present in the moment. When I'm not working my business, I put my phone on the charger and I'm present with my children. It's their time and I respect that. The world can wait.

Do your best and trust God with the rest. Our reach is only but so far. Don't stress yourself over the things you have absolutely no control over. Let it go and learn to trust that it will all work out in your favor in the end. I think you are AMAZING!



Why Do You Think "Moms Rules?"


What you mean outside of the fact that we have the ability to literally grow life directly inside of our bodies? Lol, Well as women, we are multipliers. You give us a house and we will make it a home. You give us food and we will prepare a meal to feed many. Give us a husband and we will give you a family. We maintain homes, we are cheer moms, team moms, coaches, employees, business owners, nurses when our babies are sick, prayer warriors, heart healers, and we do it ALL with a bomb winged liner, fleeky brows and popping lip gloss! We truly keep this world from falling apart and we do it with a smile on our face and love in our hearts. We do it even sometimes with a broken heart. Mommies are the most amazing creatures on earth in my eyes! I hope the mothers and future mothers reading this knows her power and that the work she does with her babies every single day is helping to shape the entire world. I think you are AMAZING!

Tamika Price

I am the owner of Standout Style Boutique (located at 3353 S. Morgan in Chicago), an author, speaker and female entrepreneur coach--I am an entrepreneur in every sense of the word! I started my business nearly ten years ago in 2008 as a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper. After a few years, I built my reputation in the fashion and entrepreneurship sectors and began offering coaching services to help my fellow female entrepreneurs grow their

businesses, particularly with their marketing, sales and PR strategies. 


I am a proud step mommy - or as I like to say "bonus mom!"  Xandria is 22, Jada is 17 and Anthony Jr. is 11


I start my day around 7am with my son (he is a ball of energy at every hour), I take him to school and I either go to the gym or run errands before I go open up Standout Style. There, I can be styling clients and when I don't have customers in the store, I am usually working on one of my other businesses or projects. When I get home around 8pm, I relax with my kids/hubby and do my best to unplug and be present in the moment. Thankfully, my husband is literally the best thing in my world. He is so helpful and will normally have dinner ready since he's already home, so when I get there, I can usually focus on catching up with everyone

and talking about our days. 


 I've learned that you do not have to give birth to be seen as a mom in your kids' eyes. Your kids, whether they are yours biologically or not, know when you care for them and love them. Do your best to prepare your kids to be independent early. They can handle and actually thrive with structure, so having activities, chores and expectations are vital. In my household, we do our best to keep our kids accountable for their responsibilities as we all work together. 



Why do you think “Moms Rule?”


A. Because we are strong without sacrificing our delicate, loving nature! Like Beyonce said, "Strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business!

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