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Ciara Jibri : A Woman of Many Hats

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Ciara Jibri | Founder of HAUS of Mimosa | Fashion Publicist | Curator

So I have a confession to make...I've been secretly admiring Ciara from afar for the longest (yup, fight me)! lol. I was thinking to myself "I want to collaborate with this Queen, but I know I have to come to her correct!" Then something amazing happened, she emailed ME yall!! No seriously, I was so honored by the fact that this boss chick even knew about little ol' me. The title says it all, Ciara is a force! If you don''t know her, one thing you can tell is how passionate she is about her brand and helping others evolve.

Read more to find out more about this serial entrepreneur below!

theNSider: Ciara Jibri! What a pleasure it is to interview you! Can you start off with a brief introduction of yourself?

Ciara: Well of courrrseee!! lol My name is Ciara Jibri. I am a fashion publicist & experience curator located in Chicago IL. Most known for my loud and cooky laugh & mimosas haha. I am the founder of HAUS of Mimosa, which is a bi-monthly networking social that provides guests with access to many different business leaders and creatives whilst joining in on different themed activities and workshops with a mimosa as a beverage.

theNSider: Great! So what services do you provide?

Ciara: Event coordination and execution, public relations in fashion, and creative directing

theNSider: If you could pick the best part about having your own brand, what would it be?

Ciara: Being able to create experiences for people with my events, bringing many different people together in one room and watch them build relationships whether personal or business related.

theNSider: What has been the most important lesson you’ve learned during your journey?

Ciara: Hmmm... I've learned so much! I would definitely say practicing PATIENCE has been a huge lesson I've learned being in entrepreneurship. I've also learned to never mix business with personal relationships, unfortunately they can become quite sticky!

theNSider: In what ways do you handle and overcome challenges?

Ciara: To be honest, I may throw a slight fit for a second but then I always snap back and get sh*t done! The words trying and failure are not in my vocabulary.

theNSider: What advice can you give other up and coming entrepreneurs?

Ciara: Study your craft, study your idols, stay positive, and take the word "try" out of your vocabulary. There is no such thing, JUST DO IT! There is no idea too big or too small, always ask questions, and don't be afraid of hearing No. sometimes No doesn't necessarily mean No. Sometimes it means not right now.

theNSider: What exciting news can you share with us, if any!?

Ciara: I have HAUS of Etiquette: Business Building & Maintenance Academy approaching in Summer 2018. I'm really excited for this series because not only do I get to aid entrepreneurs on maintaining their brands but I also get to learn from my students as well. I want to creative the ultimate experience for my class and provide resources and an inspiring touch to everyone who enrolls.

theNSider: How can we connect with you and check out more of your work ?

Ciara: You can add me @CiaraJibri on Instagram & my website is ; Lets chat yall :)

Thank You, Ciara!

This interview was conducted by Nadia Simone, host/creator of theNSider featuring

Ciara Jibri, founder of Haus of Mimosa


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