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Kenya's Keeping Us in the Loop!

Kenya Nalls | Founder & Creator of "LOOP Magazine"

Kenya and I connected naturally when we discovered that we have similar career backgrounds and interests. It went something like this "Hey Girl, we should definitely collaborate on something soon !" "Let's!" Lol, Kenya's light and personality shines from a mile away that it's no surprise she's helping others do the same as the Founder of her magazine "LOOP MAGAZINE!"

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Kenya: "Hi! I'm Kenya Nalls, a native of Gary, IN and graduate of Lincoln University of Jefferson City, MO where I received my bachelors in Communications. In 2006, I started a youth magazine that catered to youth 16-25 which did very well. I gained a lot of experience during that time, but in 2010 what was suppose to be a one month break from it turned out to be a four year break. My background definitely surrounds the 'magazine world, writing articles and interviewing individuals."

theNSider: Tell us more about "LOOP Magazine!"

Kenya: Loop Magazine gives young professionals 21-30 a chance to be celebrated and to share their stories on what they are doing in their businesses and/or careers in Corporate America. It's all a process in this game and The LOOP allows the world to peek into young professionals lives who have been successful in their particular field. It's a honor to be able to give them another platform to share who they are and what's going on with them

theNSider: What do you love most about having your brand, Kenya?

Kenya: I love giving other people an opportunity to have their stories to be told in the most creative way possible. I'm also able to connect with some amazing young professionals by having this platform, I love being able to give them another platform to show the world how awesome they are.

theNSider: What has been he most important lesson you've learned during your journey?

Kenya: This may sound so crazy, but for me is understanding that this is my purpose,

this is what I have been called to do. I say that because after a four year hiatus, I really thought in my mind and heart that this part of my life was over and honestly I was okay with it being over.( laughs) the most important lesson that I've learned and still is that my purpose is bigger than my emotions or how I feel. I don't care if this is not what I wanted to do, this is my purpose and I have a generation to impact so basically get over myself and lets get IT!

theNSider: Life is full of challenges. In what ways do you overcome them?

Kenya: One thing that I started doing is daily affirmations in the morning, just commanding my morning because doing this "life" again, I needed something to keep me going. I speak almost every day what I see. Another thing is that because I've been through a lot of this before with my other magazine, I honestly just do things differently then what I did before. It helps me to speak what I want and then also to do things differently because I've been here before and that's a plus.

theNSider: What advice can you give other up and coming entrepreneurs

Kenya: You know, one big advice that I received the beginning of the year was that even though you are scared to start up again, do it "afraid!" Do whatever your negative inner self told you that you couldn't do and do it AFRAID! The statement continues to stick with me during this journey and I remind myself of this allll the time.

theNSider: Any exciting news or events coming up that you can share with us? I think i can think of one (laughs)!

Kenya: Yessssssss! The LOOP's 5-City #Litbounce Tour. I am so excited about being able to impact more young professionals on a larger platform. The tour is basically a continuous of what you will read in the magazine. On the tour you will have the opportunity to meet and network with young professionals that are excelling in their career or in entrepreneurship. We have so much in store for the tour such as, red carpet, panel discussions, give away, and each state we are honoring four young professional for their services. Its going to be an amazing experience for young professionals. The tour will kick off in Raleigh, NC on June 28 will hit states like Washington, D.C. Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA, and of course my hometown of Indiana.

theNSider: That's awesome Kenya! So excited for you and thankful to be a part of the tour next year! How can we connect with you and check out more of your work ?

Kenya: You can connect with me via email at and all social media outlets @allthingsloop!

This interview was conducted by Nadia Simone, host/creator of theNSider featuring

Kenya Nalls, founder of Loop Magazine


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