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Let Lei Be Lei!

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Leilani Nicole | Content Curator of Let Lei Be Lei, a Lifestyle Brand

Oh, how I love me some Leilani! I met this beautiful Queen in college and she's always been a woman of grace, kindness and creativity. Now,Leilani has taken her love for fashion, food and travel and turned it into a successful lifestyle brand/blog, sharing her experiences and lessons she's learned along the way with us all! Read more about Leilani in our interview below.

Leilani : My name is Leilani Nichole, Content Curator for Let Lei Be Lei a lifestyle brand that serves as an inspiration for millennials to positively shift their mindsets about self-expression through adventure, dining, and fashion.

theNSider : What made you start your own brand?

Leilani : In 2014, about a year after graduating college, I fell victim to the mundane routine of going to work and coming home and that quickly grew old. I began to take a new and longer way home, writing down new restaurants to try, popping in on grand openings, and finding free things to do for fun! I wanted to share my experiences with others more in depth and encourage them to try that one place they continue to pass on their way home from work. It started with an Instagram hashtag then grew into what it is now! I love how organic the connection is between the brand and it’s supporters! I simply listen to their needs (whether they realize it or not hahaha) and create fun ways to answer their questions. I’ve learned that this alone brings trust to everything I do for them!

theNSider : We attended college together and I’ve always admire your confidence and how you could light up a room! How important is it to have confidence and believe in yourself?

Leilani : Thanks so much Nadia, that means a lot! Confidence is key! It is very important, but it also takes practice. I like to envision myself as the "future version of Leilani." Although I don’t possess all the things I desire, I try to carry myself as if I do! That’s the starting point of every success story!

theNSider : What has been the most important lesson you’ve learned during your entrepreneurial journey?

Leilani : The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to always remember why you started. It is easy to lose sight of your mission as you start to grow a following and connect your business with other business. It doesn’t serve you well to abandon those values.

theNSider : What’s next for you and your brand?

Leilani : I’m super modest about sharing things before they happen… But Let Lei Be Lei plans to host carefully curated “Event Experiences” that closely reflect our mission! I want to bring my articles to life and transfer the words from the page into real-life experiences.

theNSider : What advice can you give other up and coming entrepreneurs?

Leilani : We’re in the age where “networking” is being shoved into everyone’s brain, but please remember that all connections aren’t good connections. Be strategic about who you align your business with and make sure that it best serves your audience/customers. Also, bring something to the table when connecting with others. No one wants to help the person who always has their hand out. Pour into others as they pour into you!

theNSider : How can we connect with you and check out more of your work?

Leilani : You can connect with me on my site And all Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube ) @LetLeiBeLei!

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